About Wendy

I am a digital expert. My diverse background in digital media as well as communications is what sets me apart from the rest. I have seen both sides of the editorial and public relations industries, and have found my niche of clients needing marketable content that not only sells, but also genuinely connects with the readership. I have been PR and marketing strategist for creatives looking to expand their current reach and build genuine buzz for their brands. By understanding their personal and professional goals, I am able to understand and develop captivating campaigns and voices. I specialize in digital PR, content marketing, and media placement. I have experience working with brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, business, and technology industries. I have managed client project directions, coordinated events, and created and distributed press materials for niche press contacts. My ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships with press, media and other communications experts has helped me succeed in securing client placements and partnerships. I also use my skills to take on freelance writing assignments for various fashion and lifestyle publications. What I am here to do for your business: -develop relevant and meaningful content to connect you with your current and future readers -to bridge the gap between your products/services and top tier fashion, beauty, and lifestyle media -oversee and produce content present on your website/blog that leads to ultimate brand awareness and sales -gaining an understanding of your business and building supportive digital and print copy for b2b and b2c opportunities